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Welcome Yodel Newsletter Subscribers: 6/18/2010

Spring Newsletter and New CD announcement

  Tour Dates


Hey everyone. Just finished a new album for the first time in three years. It's called Sweatin' to the Yodeling Oldies. It is designed as an exercise walking cd. It has three parts or Suites as I call them each about 20 minutes long so you get over sixty minutes of music.

Many of you have asked that I record this song or that over the years so I decided to record many of those songs on this cd.

There are about 40 songs on this cd that are broken up by some really wild yodeling patterns. It features a musical beat to walk or jog to at 142 beats per minutes which scientists say is perfect for your heart.

I have put this on my MP3 player and have found that while listening and walking time goes so much faster. I can walk further and longer without getting tired or bored of exercise.

For those not interested in using this as an exercise tool it is also great to listen to.   If you drive with this in your car stereo make sure you set your speed control because the cops won't let you use it as an excuse for going to fast.  It will keep you awake though. 

I have added some pictures of the front of album cover as well as the back cover below.

Anyway for those who want to be the first to get a hold of this
you can order it off the website at this link.

New:  Sweatin' to the Oldies MP3 download version

For those of you who are internet savy I now have a direct download version of Sweatin' to the Yodeling Oldies so you can download it right onto your iPod or MP3 player.  For those who get the physical copy, you can have someone with computer sense make MP3's from the cd and transfer them to your own MP3 player.  Click below.

Hope this Newsletter finds you all well.

Let me know how you like the new cd.

Contact me at or give me a call at 801-226-5204

I am heading for Leavenworth Washington for July and then to the Minnesota state fair in august.

Click here to see my tour dates for the rest of the year.  Tour Dates

There may be more coming so check back once in a while.


Kerry Christensen






































©2007 Kerry Christensen