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What's a Yodel Over?
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Note:  from the Yodeler Kerry Christensen

For many years professionals have urged me to make a page that would deal only with yodeling voice overs.  Yodeling as I have found out over the years is an astounding attention getter when used in commercials, radio spots, movies etc.  It's the musical medium that you either love or hate.  It makes you laugh or frown.  Smile or grimace.  Either way you always listen to it because it is so different.  Many people of this younger generation have never heard it.  Most have never tried it but many would like to learn.  Either way Yodeling is the thing that just might make your advertising campaign a big success.

If you would like to learn more about about me and my yodeling life please click: HOME

How to Use This Site

Above you will find about 30 boxes that have yodeling MP3 sound clips associted with them. There are also a few clips with me doing a one of a kind thing called the yodelumpet, which is yodeling and mouth trumpet at the same time.  I invented it. There are three clips of just mouth trumpet, and one with the sounds of my alphorn in case you need someone to help you with that unique sound.  Click on each one and listen to the different styles that I have done over the years.

Keep in mind that what you are listening to are just styles that you might want to incorporate.  These clips have come from some of my albums and some from things I have recorded just for this situation.  I will ad more from time to time, so please check back often to hear all the new stuff.
I have a studio in my home where I can record quickly any kind of yodeling style that you may think of.  I am quite creative doing things on the fly.  I also have a professsional friend here in my home town where I can quickly go and record remotely while you are on the phone listening and telling me exactly what you want me to yodel.

Please bookmark this page now so you can come back to it when you need it.

Hear this Yodeler in the Movies

My yodeling voice has been heard in the following movies that you may have seen.

Home on the Range  - Disney Studios
Without a Paddle - Paramount
Schultz Gets the Blues - German Indendent

Let's Keep in Touch

Please fill out the form below and let me know if you would like me to send you more information from time to time about any new things pertaining to this Yodel Overs site.
In the memo section please let me know a little bit about your projects and how we might work together.

Please don't hesitate to call anytime to discuss possibilites.

Home Phone  801-226-5204

Cell Phone on the Yodeling Road  801-358-0014

©2007 Kerry Christensen